Dottie Laing Passes

Dottie Laing passed away this evening, September 5, 2009, about 6:40 p.m. just before sunset. Dottie was married to former IFGE Executive Director Alison Laing for over 50 years.

Dottie worked tirelessly on behalf of the transgender community even though she was not transgender. She held many leadership roles such as Director of Fantasia Fair, and Fund Raising Chair for IFGE, as well as leading workshops and special Significant Others activities at conferences.

Dottie's work was recognized by numerous awards from the transgender community including IFGE's Trinity and Virginia Prince awards, in addition to the Fantasia Fair Award of Merit.

Dottie left this parting message for her friends and loved ones.

Celebration of Life

Celebrate my life!

Please do not be sad.

Remember me in fondness.

I have enjoyed my life, and

treasure my family and friends.

I am proud of my loved ones,

and feel content knowing

that a part of me lives on

in each of them.

I will always be there

each time you smile

thinking of the good times

we have shared.

It’s been a great life!

- Dottie